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Victor Image Processing Library is a collection of functions that allow you to create image applications. Victor gives your programs powerful image processing, display, and file handling capabilities.

The Victor Library includes complete downloadable documentation consisting of a User's Guide and Library Reference. Each function is fully explained and its use is illustrated by examples. Technical support is always free and only a phone call or email message away.

Download an evaluation copy of the Victor Library.



Fast and Friendly Image Handling

Victor Image Processing Library contains the functions you need to create image applications using all the popular formats:

For details see Victor Image File Formats

For an explanation of color reduction see the Application Note on Color Reduction

View C/C++, C#, VB6, and VB.NET sample code to see how easy and powerful Victor is.

The Victor Library is available as DLL, static library, or complete source code.

For all versions there are no royalties payable to Catenary Systems for distribution of your executable applications.


File Handling

Victor gives you functions to read and write bilevel, grayscale, and color images in BMP, DIB, EPS, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF and raw data image formats. The image files can be read from and written to to memory buffers as well as disk files. File Handling Function List

Image Processing

Victor offers image processing functions like brightness, contrast, sharpening filters, outlines, matrix convolution, equalization, resize, overlay, flip, mirror, rotate, plus math and logic operations that can operate on any area of an image. Image Processing Function List

Combine and Compare Images

Victor includes many multi-image functions to combine and compare images. This ability is especially useful for image analysis. Your application can search for differences, use motion detection, find alignment or registration marks, perform pattern recognition, and create special effects. Summary of Combine and Compare Functions

Color Reduction

These functions can convert 24-bit RGB images into 256 or fewer colors. These functions can compute the optimum palette, use a standard palette, or match an existing palette for multiple image display. Color Reduction Function List.

Work with Large Images

Large images can be manipulated with ease.

Images are held in memory as Device Independent Bitmaps (DIBs) and every function in the Victor Library can operate on any rectangular area of interest within a larger image.

Victor images are always accessible by the programmer for processing with your own custom functions. You always have access to the image data.


Victor Library for Windows can print bilevel, grayscale, and color images at any size on all Windows-supported printers.

TWAIN Scanner Support

Victor gives you complete control for capturing images with a TWAIN compliant device: scanner or digital camera. Capture bilevel, grayscale, and color images directly into memory with complete control of resolution, image size, and automatic document feeder.

While the Victor Library for 32-bit Windows is compatible with all 64-bit Windows operating systems, the manufacturers of scanning devices may not provide TWAIN drivers for 64-bit Windows that will function with 32-bit applications. If you need TWAIN support for 64-bit Windows you should be using the 64-bit version of the Victor Library.

Image Display

Victor Library for Windows can show images on any Windows display.



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