Victor Image Processing Library How-to Tips

Victor Viewer for Windows 8 Sample Application

Victor Viewer is a Windows 8 desktop application created in Visual Studio 2012 with C# and XAML. This app includes a brand new Victor Library .NET interface that makes .NET programming easier.

Victor Viewer demonstrates programming with the Victor Library functions. It uses the Victor Library for 32-bit Windows and is fully compatible with 32- and 64-bit Windows. When run on a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet computer, it supports touch manipulation and camera capture. (This app is not for Surface RT.)

Victor Viewer demostrates the following technologies:

Windows 8 features      Image manipulation
  • camera capture
  • Task, await
  • touch
  • pinch
  • twirl
  • File.Open
  • ReadAsync
  • reading image data from a byte stream
  • setting image area
  • merging images together
  • adding borders
  • rotation
  • controlling an XAML image
Image processing      Image analysis
  • brightness/contrast
  • blur/sharpen
  • accessing pixel data
  • creating custom functions
  • filter functions
  • erode/dilate
  • adjusting pixel depth
  • calculate average values
  • count pixels in range
  • view raw image data

The Victor Viewer W8 application contains many Victor Image Processing Library functions so they can be tested with typical images. The app can easily be extended to include your own features.

Download Victor Viewer C#/XAML source code (24 kb).

Download .Net Victor Library namespace for creating Windows 8 desktop applications and time-limited eval version of the Victor Library (288 kb).

In general always use the following conditions for creating a Windows 8 desktop app that calls Victor Image Processing Library for 32-bit Windows functions:

Download Victor Viewer for Windows 8 and C#/XAML complete VS 2012 project (617 Kb). Evaluation copy of the Victor Library is included.

Requires the Victor Library v 6 commercial release or eval version.

Victor Image Processing Library

Victor Image Processing Library homepage | more source code

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