Victor Library Return Codes

Value Symbolic Constant Description
0 NO_ERROR No error
-1 BAD_RANGE Range error*
-2 NO_DIG Digitizer board not detected
-3 BAD_DSK Disk full, file not written
-4 BAD_OPN Filename not found
-5 BAD_FAC Variable out of range
-6 BAD_TIFF Unreadable TIFF format
-8 BAD_BPS TIFF bits per sample not supported
-9 BAD_CMP Unreadable compression scheme
-10 BAD_CRT Cannot create file
-11 BAD_FTPE Unknown file format
-12 BAD_DIB Image is compressed DIB
-14 BAD_MEM Insufficient memory for function
-16 BAD_PCX Unreadable PCX format
-17 BAD_GIF Unreadable GIF format
-18 PRT_ERR Print error
-19 SCAN_ERR Scanner error
-25 BAD_TGA Unreadable TGA format
-26 BAD_BPP Bits per pixel not supported
-27 BAD_BMP Unreadable BMP format
-33 NO_DEV_DATA No data from device
-34 TIMEOUT Function timed out
-40 BAD_LOCK Could not lock memory (invalid handle or memory discarded)
-41 PRT_BUSY Print function already executing
-42 BAD_IBUF Invalid image buffer address
-43 BAD_JPG Unreadable JPEG format
-44 TOO_CPLX Image is too complex for operation
-45 SCAN_UNLOAD Paper could not be unloaded
-46 SCAN_LIDUP ADF lid was opened
-47 SCAN_NOPAPER ADF bin is empty
-48 SCAN_NOADF ADF is not connected
-49 SCAN_NOTREADY ADF is connected but not ready
-50 NOT_AVAIL Function not available due to missing module
-51 TIFF_NOPAGE Page not found
-52 BAD_PTR Pointer does not point to readable or writable memory
-53 LZW_DISABLED LZW compression/decompression not enabled
-54 TWAIN_NOWND Could not create TWAIN parent window
-55 TWAIN_NODSM Could not open TWAIN Source Manager
-56 TWAIN_NODS Could not open TWAIN Data Source
-57 TWAIN_ERR TWAIN image acquisition error
-58 TWAIN_NOMATCH None of the elements in two lists were equal
-59 TWAIN_BAD_DATATYPE Data type mismatch
-60 TWAIN_SCAN_CANCEL User canceled scan
-61 TWAIN_BUSY TWAIN function is busy
-62 BAD_DATA File contains invalid data
-63 BAD_PNG Unreadable PNG format
-64 BAD_PNG_CMP PNG compressor error
-65 NO_ACK No ACK from device
-67 TWAIN_STOP_SCAN Stop scanning images
-68 BAD_HANDLE Handle not valid
-69 TIFF_MOTYPE TIFF file is in Motorola byte order
-70 BAD_TN_SIZE Thumbnail size out of range
-71 GIF_NOFRAME GIF frame not found
-72 BAD_DIGI_MEM Insufficient digitizer memory for selected mode
-73 BAD_DIM Image format does not support width or length > 65535

*BAD_RANGE indicates that one of the following conditions exists:

An image dimension is out of range, either
endx >= bmh->biWidth,
endx >= XLIMIT,
endy >= bmh->biHeight, or
endy >= YLIMIT
Image buffer does not exist, either
ibuff == 0 or bmh == 0
Image width is larger than buffer width
bmh->biWidth * bmh->biBitCount / 8 > buffwidth